More comments from our clients:

I couldn't have done this without you. I was lying wake last night, knowing that I couldn't do these uploads by myself and wondering who could help, and then I thought of you! But, you were also amazing figuring out the correct numbers for the amount of the loan - not sure I would have figured that out either. I feel really paralyzed when there is no one to call to answer questions...I will sleep well tonight and will let you know what happens with this application. You really rose to the occasion and I so appreciate it!!! -- Linda Marder, President, CM Artists, New York, NY

Bruce Jaffe is knowledgeable, patient and creative in his approach to computer problems. He managed to recover a novel when Word 2013 didn't save it. And he enabled me to recover control of my computer when I inadvertently downloaded an insidious piece of malware. He combines a rare empathy with a dogged persistence to solve the problem. It's as though Holmes and Watson were reincarnated in one person, who happens to be a Computer Doctor/Tutor. And he only takes the time that's necessary, with the integrity to watch your "clock." -- Susan Weinstein, Public Relations specialist and writer, New York, NY

As a businesswoman who runs a company with multiple computers, we are in frequent need of help. I have worked with numerous computer companies over the years and my experience has ranged from mediocre service to clueless! Then two years ago I was referred to Bruce Jaffe and my life changed. He has resolved virtually every computer crisis with grace and ingenuity, including those that confounded Apple and Microsoft. No matter what the challenge, no matter how severe the problem, he can solve it. Bruce is, simply put, a genius! -- Diane Blackman, President, BR Public Relations, New York, NY

You are like a 911 for computer trauma! –- Jaqueline Sussman, Therapist, Author and Teacher,
Weston, CT

If you are fortunate enough to have arrived at this site then you should know that Bruce Jaffe is the only computer doctor you will ever need. Besides knowing the technical side of his business from top to bottom, his understanding of human nature, his patience and cheerful, competent manner put me at ease immediately. He totally resolved my computer issues and made it a pleasurable learning experience at the same time. His fees are more than fair and his ongoing availability and quick response to problems gives me the peace of mind that in the future I will always have a reliable and personable expert that I can count on to resolve any computer emergency that should arise. -- Nicholas Luttinger, Spanish Interpreter and Translator, New York, NY

You're the one expense that's really worth it. You always get the job done, and in the most pleasant manner. -- Ruth Shoenthal, Real Estate Broker, New York, NY

Bruce Jaffe is my computer Knight in Shining Armor. Remotely, he rescued my computer that had been shut down by a viral attack. Bruce got right to the heart of the issue, and helped me resolve it and get back to work that same day.  But more importantly, he took the stress out of the situation by being calm and non-judgmental. -- Genie Joseph, Screenwriter, Honolulu, HI

Thanks to you I actually look forward to and enjoy working!...Using both [new computers] is actually fun. Hey, I could stay in my home office all day long and be happy! -- David Payne, M.D., Radiologist, New York, NY

I was very impressed by his quick response time, ability to work both remotely...and at my desk. His rates are moderate. He's very pleasant and low key and speaks English, not computer-ese. -- Paula Dranov, Freelance Writer and Editor, New York, NY

Just speaking to you and knowing that there is a solution is such a great comfort! -- E. R., Business Owner, New York, NY

You really walked the extra mile and made a pleasant learning experience out of chaos for me. I'm looking forward to becoming computer literate, thanks to you. -- Eileen Lottman, New York, NY

Many thanks for your generosity in taking the time to use your photographic expertise, as well as your computer know how, to launch my journey into the 21st Century via Social Networking vehicles such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. -- J. S., New York, NY

I greatly appreciate your patience and your expertise...I feel so much better knowing someone is out there I can turn to in a computer emergency! Computers can really make a person feel helpless. -- F.P., New York, NY

Your knowledge, your ease at maneuvering around the system, the software and all their my lay brain...remarkable! Awesome it could be argued! -- J. E., Sarasota, FL


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